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The Materiality of Resistance: Resistance of Cultural-Material Artefacts and Bodies

This special issue seeks to fill a gap in existing research by displaying how matter makes resistance possible, but also how matter orients resistance, thus creating an entanglement of power, resistance, and materiality. Materiality is understood in a broad sense as embracing various kinds of matter, such as books, paper, pavements, streets, public transport, buildings, […]

Researching Resistance: on Methods and Ethics in Resistance Studies

Guest Editor: Anton Törnberg Submission deadline for abstracts: 30 November 2016 Objective for the JRS special issue Resistance studies draws upon a variety of research fields, including gender studies and feminism, peace studies, political science, sociology, critical race studies, anthropology, psychology, and critical legal studies. This broad range of sources and inspirations has favored the […]

The Realities of Resistance During Maoism: Chinese Residents’ Untold Stories in the Period Following the 1949 Communist Revolution

Corresponding author: Dr Angela Maye-Banbury, Principal Lecturer Department of the Natural and Built Environment Sheffield Hallam University SHEFFIELD England S1 1 WB Tel: 00 44 114 225 4753 [email protected] “Order. Private homeowners should submit their deeds. Those who disobey this order will be killed without exception.” The notice pinned on the doors of hundreds of […]