The Old Resistance Studies Magazine

Resistance Studies Magazine (ISSN 1654-7063) was an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal devoted to the analysis of contemporary and historical practices of resistance. It was published on a quarterly basis, written in English. The editors behind the magazine were based at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and connected to the Resistance Studies Network. The first editor was the PhD student Christopher Kullenberg, the second the independent researcher Jørgen Johansen. From 2015 this academic publication has been followed by the international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed Journal of Resistance Studies.

2008Issue 1Christopher Kullenberg, Jakob Lehne, Karl Palmås, Tim Gough, Jeffrey Shantz, Patit Paban Mishra
2008Issue 2Christopher Kullenberg, Jakob Lehne, Pei Palmgren, Duygun Erim, Patrick T. Hiller, Victor Ojakorotu, Ayo Whetho, Christine H. Whyte, Johan Johansson
2008Issue 3Christopher Kullenberg, Carol Jo Evans, Shane Gunderson, Femke Kaulingfreks, Thomas Riegler, Adrian Bua
2009Issue 1Mona Lilja, J. Patrick Williams
2010Issue 1Christopher Kullenberg, Patrick T. Hiller, Mike Mowbray, James M. Statman, E. Colin Ruggero, Jeffrey Shantz, Ed Kinane,
2012Issue 1, 1/4Markus Pausch
2012Issue 1, 2/4Brian Martin
2012Issue 1, 3/4Minoo Koefoed
2012Issue 1, 4/4Nathan Daniel Peld
2013Issue 1, 1/3Mona Lilja
2013Issue 1, 2/3Stellan Vinthagen, Anna Johansson
2013Issue 1, 3/3Anton Törnberg